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John Andrews Oral History

A story of self-discovery, incredible resilience and fierce community activism.  

2017 Transgender Day of Remembrance

This video is a compilation of highlights from San Mateo County’s 2017 Transgender Day of Remembrance

Reverend Terri Echelbarger

Reverend Terri Echelbarger, Many Journeys MCC

Lexi Shimmers

Lexi Shimmers, RN– Community Advocate, San Mateo Medical Center, Countess, SF Grand Ducal Council; she/her/hers


A collaboration between Inspire USA, BAVC’s the Factory program, San Mateo County and local youth, Inspire Yourself is a series of shorts highlighting the real stories and experiences from people in this community, and sends a broader message that applies to everyone: we can help each other get through tough times.


Neo remembers the suffering he went through due to his preference in sexual orientation. After hearing a positive message about gay men, Neo learned that is was ok to be gay and developed an organization to help others in the LGBTQ+ community so they don’t experience what he did.

Inamorato Bravado

This story describes the stigma and stereotypes related to one’s experience with their sexual orientation. It also shows self-acceptance and pride.


A story about being happy with one’s self and standing up to negativity.


William loves people regardless of their religion, beliefs, and sexual preferences.

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Wifey + I

Happiness and togetherness in marriage

Why Discriminate Against LGBTQ?

Restrictions on marriage shouldn’t even be in our laws

The Clubhouse Celebrating Pride

California Clubhouse encourages members to be proud

Queer and Trans Drop-in

Challenge stigma so that voices will be heard

Pride in Being Free

Pride is compassionate, loving, sharing, caring…

LGBTQ+ Friends Squaredancing

Square dancing with the El Camino Reelers!

La Familia

Love is the ultimate sources of pain, pleasure and happiness

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Thank you friends, family & community


Internalized homophobia gets in the way of being who you are

Gay Rights

It is important to be welcoming to all communities

Freedom to Love and Marry

Mom was so proud to be able to say she raised her kids well

Considering Adoption

All the while, her and her partner just want to be loving parents to a child who needs a loving home


Be who you are


Assumptions and judgement limit from realizing her potential

Another statistic

They are here to not be another statistic


To her, Pride means being an ally

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A Turning Point

Coming out was a turning point to building community

25 Years Together

25 proud years together

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